Protoceratops dinosaur

Protoceratops is a type of ceratopsian dinosaur, about the size of a modern-day sheep, that lived in the Upper Cretaceous Period. Its name means First Horned Face. It was herbivorous, and was an early type of horned dinosaur. It lacked well-developed horns and had some primitive traits not found in later horned dinosaurs. It was discovered in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia by photographer J.B. Shackelford in 1922. Because of the large number of specimens found, it is thought that protoceratops lived in herds.


  • Estimated weight: less than 180 kg. (400 pounds)
  • Length: 1.8 meters (6 feet)
  • Height: .6 meters (2 feet) at the shoulder

To see a picture of a Protoceratops fossil, click here

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