Sabretooth cover art Sabretooth

The new exhibit at Dinosaur World promises to be the "The, Wildest, Woolly-est Adventure Yet!" Though not open to the public, Mimi can't help herself - she has to find a way in. Maybe sneaking into Dinosaur World's latest exhibit wasn't such a good idea after all. But Mimi and her brother were stuck. The Pteranadon Trolly had broken down and left them stranded in Prehistoria, a land filled with strange creatures from Earth's ancient past.

To reach safety they have to find their way past wooly mammoths, carniverous birds, the largest mammals that ever roamed the earth, and a family of beautiful, but dangerous sabretooth cats. When Mimi rescues one of the kittens from a stampede, their escape becomes even more unlikely.... There's danger, adventure, fun, and solid science along every path in Prehistoria.

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