Lost in Dinosaur World - DVD Video

The sky is growing dark. Strange animal sounds fill the air. And the thundering footsteps of a Tyrannosaurus rex are getting closer and closer! You are lost in Dinosaur World!

Embark on a family trip that detours into danger when Tim and Mary McDunn get separated from their parents on a visit to Dinosaur World - the only place on Earth where real dinosaurs live, breath, and eat! Will Tim and Mary make it out before nightfall? A hungry T-Rex hopes they don't!

The amazing Dinamation® Dinosaurs make this live-action video a spectacular adventure where towering dinosaurs roam free, just as they did millions of years ago, except that now...you are there!

It's not Jurassic Park, so it's not going to scare anyone (at least not too much!), but it is delightful fun for kids from 4 - 9 years old. There's lots of family fun and plenty of great dinosaur science. And don't miss the crazy meals available at the Dino Deli.

Written by Geoffrey T. Williams and based on his best-selling series of Dinosaur World children's books.

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Screen shots from the movie