The Original Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World cover artDinosaur World

"Stay on the marked paths. And, whatever you do, don't feed the dinosaurs."

Good advice when you're visiting a zoo where many of the animals are bigger than your house and have teeth the size of steak knives.

If you've ever wanted to get close enough to an apatosaurus to pet it, watch a herd of stampeding triceratops, or be deafened by the roars of an enraged Tyrannosaurus Rex, then Dinosaur World is the place for you.

Join Mary and her father on their first visit to the world's most exciting theme park. It's an adventure filled with wild sounds, great fun, danger, and solid science. And when you're done, check out their next amazing visit in Lost in Dinosaur World. You won't believe what happens when Mary's younger brother jumps off the T-Rex Express!

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