If you've ever wondered what a roaring T-Rex sounded like, Dinosaur World is the place for you.

Well, or course, no one really knows what dinosaurs sounded like. But when these audio books were recorded, the producers at Wild Voices spent many hours researching the subject of dinosaur vocalizations. We interviewed paleontologists who had spent years digging for dinosaurs around the world. Many of them had thought about how these ancient monsters might have sounded. The scientists looked at the way dinosaurs' heads were shaped, and the length and radius of the hollows in their heads that might have played a part in the way they sounded.

Parasaurolophus illustration from Lost in Dinosaur World

Parasaurophus Dinosaur

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Listen to the parasaurolophus duckbilled dinosaurs, both the baby, and its huge mother featured in Lost In Dinosaur World. Notice the shape and length of the large horn-shape the extends out from the back of their heads. That structure has long, hollow tubes inside that connect with other parts of the head — similar to the way a musical wind instrument such as an English horn, oboe, or trombone is shaped. The sound in the audio book is very much like what some scientists say they may have actually sounded like.

The author, illustrator, and audio producer took a great deal of time making Dinosaur World look, feel, and sound like the time and place the dinosaurs really lived. Of course, the sizes and shapes of the animals are accurate, but also, the plants described are the plants that grew in the eras of the dinosaurs.

There's a lot to learn about the animals and the eras in which they lived in each of the books. And each one of the audio books is produced with a full cast of professional actors, original sound effects, and music, to make your listening experience as exciting and fun as possilbe.

Map of Dinosaur World

Map of Dinosaur World

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Some of the dinosaurs featured in the books:

1. Brachiosaurus 2. Pteranodon 3. Pterosaur 4. Protoceratops 5. Nothosaur 6. Dimetrodon 7. Diplodocus 8. Stegosaurus 9. Baby Parasaurolophus, 10.Archaeopteryx 11. Allosaur 12. Ichthyosaur 13. Parasaurolophus

The four volumes in the Dinosaur World series sold millions of copies throughout the world. The books and audio tapes were published several years before the hugely popular Jurassic Park novel and movies.

Dinosaur World
Stampeding triceratops, giant apatosaurs, roaring tyrannosaurus rex — they're all here in Dinosaur World. Click here to learn more and listen to a sample
Lost in Dinosaur World
Pet a stegosaurus and ride the T-Rex Express Dinosaur Train in Lost in Dinosaur World. Click here to learn more and listen to a sample.

This hugely popular book was made into a video.which premiered on Fox Kids Television. You can buy the DVD from Amazon by clicking here.

See some screen shots from the movie and get more information by clicking here.
Explorers in Dinosaur World
In Explorers in Dinosaur World you'll camp overnight on Pangaea, the island in the middle of Dinosaur Sea. But what will you do when a pack of vicious, marauding deinonychus get loose?
Sneak into Prehistoria, the newest Dinosaur World attraction. It's not open to the public yet, so don't be surprised if things don't work the way you expect. Sabretooth features some of the strangest, wildest, and wooly-est prehistoric creatures you can imagine.